My practice combines art, design & writing to package complex ideas into engaging narratives. While my ideas are often expressed in the context of personal experiences, the larger themes they explore are closely connected to my interests in social evolution and its relationship to cognitive and experiential knowledge structures. View résumé >

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Research interests

I use artistic forms of expression because they're more easily consumed by a wider audience. However, my most preferred form of expression is dry and detailed exposition, which I find I can only really do in the academic space. My research interests include cultural philosophy and socio-cultural evolution, cognitive content forms, the experience-cognition spectrum, the nature of the self and the shifting dynamics of the individual-collective relationship. See writing work >


as a narrative artist

My work usually involves a level of detail whose essence cannot be conveyed in a summarized form. Therefore, I like using various storytelling techniques as a way to package my content and make it engaging and digestible. I find narrative to be a subtle and unobtrusive tool of persuasion; it puts its audience in a different, more playful space where they feel less threatened and therefore more open to suggestion. I'm also interested in creating and using alternative worlds and speculative fictions to illuminate aspects of our own reality that are otherwise invisible to us. As such, my work often incorporates a fair amount of whimsy. I create all of my own content and therefore, my projects involve creative writing, image making, illustration, and graphic design. See art projects >


as a designer

While I went through the expected phase of disillusionment with design for a while, I find I have circled right back to it, recognizing a certain integrity in the simple dedication to aesthetics. My design experience includes publication design, branding and identity design, UI/UX design, marketing creative, packaging and heuristic analysis. See design portfolio >